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About Us


The Stellenbosch Work Centre for Adult Persons with Disabilities focuses on the economic empowerment and social integration of adult persons with disabilities in the communities and farms within the municipal boundaries of Stellenbosch.


The Stellenbosch Work Centre for Adult Persons with Disabilities shall be an independent entity, delivering a comprehensive, unfragmented service in the field of disability.

Objectives of the Organisation

  • The provision of a work rehabilitation program to improve and maintain the fulfilment of a worker’s role that brings meaning, purpose , order and rhythm in the life of persons with disabilities.
  • The development of a work environment and surrounding that will promote and enhance independence, self-esteem, socialisation and social well being of persons with a disability.
  • The optimal development and maintenance of the intellectual and physical abilities of persons with disabilities, in a holistic approach, with the view to improve their labour capacity to benefit their own independence and the economy of the country.
  • To facilitate the placement of persons with disabilities in the open labour market and the community, where appropriate, optimally in accordance with  their abilities.
  • To function as a business so as to assist the worker with a disability to become economically active.
  • To improve the bio-psychosocial functioning of the worker and to provide opportunities for social integration through training in basic life skills, sport and recreation.
  • To ensure consistent growth in the individual’s activities.